The Big 4 Malefics in Mutual Aspect Saturn/Mars/Rahu/Ketu

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Rahu/Mars are posited in Gemini (and Mercury who by association also becomes malefic)

Ketu/Saturn are posited in Sagittarius

Two in Control:  Mercury and Jupiter

Saturn will transit Sagittarius: October 26, 2017 to January 23, 2020

Rahu and Ketu(both always Rx) will transit in Gemini/Sagittarius     3/23/2019 to 9/19/2020

Their dispositors:

Mercury, who rules Gemini for Rahu and Mars will transit through each of the 12 signs in a year. Currently Mercury is in Gemini, and malefic by association with the influence of 4 malefics!

Jupiter, who rules Sagittariusfor Ketu and Saturn will add positive support, but not until November.

Mars in Gemini  May 6, 2019 to June 22,2019

Signs in Play:

Sagittarius has to do with your dharma or life purpose, as it is the natural 9th sign of the zodiac.  Ketu and Rahu rule over our karmas, the law of action , what goes out returns.  Rahu is what we have come to learn, and Ketu a spiritual planet assists in learning.  Saturn rules over life lessons and is often referred to as the great Teacher, along with Jupiter as a secondary teacher.  So, this transit is very life “`changing in nature.  All we have to do is pursue the dharma, bear our karmas gracefully and focus on the positive.

Gemini has to do with partnership (the Twins, one male one female), communication, curiosity, creativity and intellectual pursuit.  Each set of elements has a mission.  Gemini is the first in the trinity of Air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.  The air signs are intellectual in nature.   Gemini is the childlike energy of the air signs and the quest for learning and communicating what they have learned dominates.  Joyful and innocent.

Planets in Play

Saturn in Sagittarius October 26, 2017 to January 23, 2020

Saturn is the planet of restriction and carries the energy of deep focus. Saturn rules stability, structure (like your skeleton, it holds everything up, or like tall mountains or the inner framework of a tall building).   Its transit takes about 2 and ½ years per sign, per house. (the 12 signs describe traits and tendencies, the 12 houses are the different types of experiences here on earth, from the 1st house of self, to the 12th house of loss of self or moksha/liberation from the incarnation.)

Saturn is a scientist, the planet where we observe focus our attention for our life lessons.  Whenever Saturn transits through a sign/house it is very long about 2 and ½ years per sign.  It takes Saturn 30 years to go through every sign in the zodiac.  What we are supposed to do with this energy is focus ourselves deeply on the matters of that house.  Of course, this applies natally as well.  Wherever you natal Saturn resides is the house, along with its meanings are where you have elected to focus deeply on in this lifetime.  For example, if someone has Saturn in the 10th house from the rising sign, then this life you are destined to focus in on your career and occupation.  Now, say you have this same Saturn in the 6th from your Moon as well.  That is the house of service and how you serve the Dharma/Life Purpose (house 6 is always 10th from the 9th or the occupation of the dharma, or service to the life purpose.

Rahu and Ketu, the North and South nodes of the Moon (the shadow points called Upa Grahas, or shadow grabbers), exhibit full weight as planets or grahas in Jyotish/Vedic astrology.  Ketu is the planet ruling moksha or enlightenment.  Ketu is Rahu’s (who is the separated head’s) body.  If you have no head, you have no ego, hence Ketu is the karaka or significator of enlightenment.

Their shadows when observed near the Sun and Moon we term eclipse.  If their degrees are the exact degrees of the luminaries the eclipse is total, if distant, a partial eclipse. The rest of the eclipses for 2019 will happen in this Gemini/Sagittarius axis when the Sun changes to Gemini, and later to Sagittarius.

Mars May 6, 2019 to June 22,2019

Mars Basic nature: rules our ambition and passions, action, and achievement. Mars takes quick, often uncontemplated action. In a mental sign like Gemini, on a human level this can often manifest as acting without thinking.  Without impulse control.  Just plowing ahead, sometimes, without regard for others. On a mundane level it can manifest as sudden unexpected experiences, a death of a loved one, an aerial accident (this time, because Rahu conjunct Mars is aspecting by its trinal aspect all three of the air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius we may see anything from plane disasters to explosions, fires, tornados and possibly hurricanes.


Jupiter or “Guru” is the spiritual teacher, who gives knowledge, higher education, wisdom and spiritual guidance and advice.  Jupiter rules over honesty, wisdom, teaching (Guru), and the quest for higher knowledge both mundane and spiritual from higher education to spiritual leadership.   People with many planets in the sign, depending upon house position, they often become lawyers and judges, schoolteachers, life coaches, astrologers and healers.


Signs are the constellations in the sky, Houses describe our experiences here on earth. The house (or houses) that are mutually aspected by both Saturn and Jupiter is the house (and its meanings here on earth) of focus.  One restricts (Saturn) and one expands (Jupiter) so the house aspected (or houses, it can be more than one) is the house of focus or sign(s) of focus during this mutual transit. 


Transit means the movement of a planet as it continues immediately after your first breath.  Where the planet exists by sign and degree at birth is your natal chart.  After you breathe, the planets continue moving for the rest of your life.  As the planets move, the go over your natal planets (like superimposed) and they also have dristi (to cast a glance) where they aspect your planets from their sky and house position with its own set of rules.  So, we follow the transiting planets, on a regular basis, for they will continually activate your chart leading to the experiences of your personal life lessons.  When you know in advance what the weather looks like you can prepare for the danger that has not yet come. (like take your umbrella, or board up your windows!)

For example, if Saturn is transiting through your 2nd house, then this is a couple of years where you focus on family life, self-earning, dental health and the foods you eat.  If you smoke, a perfect time to quit smoking.  Saturn restricts right?  So a transit of Saturn to the 2nd house will make you want to smoke less, make it easier to quit, and since the 2nd rules over what goes in and out of the mouth, a perfect time to go on a healthy diet or to lose weight! (the dasa time period in play must also be observed.)

When Jupiter transits in its own sign, Sagittarius or Pisces, or exaltation in Cancer it forms a very special yoga or union of planets called Hamsa which gives the ability of deep discrimination.  This yoga occurs when Jupiter is in an angle from the rising sign or moon.  When it returns in November to its own sign of Sagittarius, then everyone born with this transit, if angular (1,4,7 or 10) will have this yoga.  It can only occur 3 years out of 12.  Spiritual babies are coming our way!

Briefly, end of March to end of April, Jupiter began transiting in its own sign Sagittarius, and now it has retrograded back to Scorpio.

With Jupiter transiting in a 2/12 axis from Saturn (Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Scorpio) using their unique aspects (Saturn aspects 3 and 10 houses away from its position, and Jupiter 5 and 9) and the house occupied and its opposite 1/7 there is currently NO house in mutual aspect in the rasi.  When this happens personal experiences and mundane occurrences become unbalanced.  Jupiter expands, Saturn restricts, when they both mutually aspect one or more different houses, our experiences and the world experience become more balanced.  This is why things may seem to be spinning out of control.  If you also have planets in these signs, which planets are affected and the things in life they resign over, will also be influencing you personally.

From November 4th, 2019 to March 29th Jupiter will come home to Sagittarius, who it rules.  Then the mutual aspect of Saturn and Jupiter will be Sagittarius, where they are both posited and the sign Gemini where they both aspect by opposition.   This Jupiter move to Sag is right around the corner.  (we will see a few earthquakes and fires just prior as Mars by then will be in an earth sign (Virgo) aspecting Saturn by its 4th aspect.  Jupiter’s change of signs will really assist in the challenge from Rahu and Ketu.  Those of course we must also, monthly as it transits, observe Mercury who is always within about 45 degrees from the Sun, who moves through a sign every 30 days.

Ketu acts like who it is with, so it will by its basic nature act like Mars, the lord of the sign it is in , Jupiter for now, and the planet it is with, Saturn.  Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts and currently Jupiter is transiting in Scorpio, the sign of Mars.  

So this transit of Saturn and Ketu together in Sagittarius indicates that we are living in a time where the quest for higher learning, higher living, the dropping away of addictions and the focus towards gaining higher knowledge, learning scripture, meditation, the quest for enlightenment will be very high. In other words, the inward focus on self is going to give you gains.  The outer focus towards manifesting positive results could be challenged at least until Mars Moves into Cancer on June 22nd.  This will alleviate some pressures, as Mars is not that effective in action in the watery sign of Cancer, whose ruler or dispositor changing signs every 3 days, and nakshatra constellation every day.  The positive factor is that when this happens, Jupiter, from Scorpio will aspect this Mars, improving the sometimes angry and irritated energy of this red planet.

It is one thing to observe in your own chart, and in mundane worldly charts, which house numbers are Sagittarius and Gemini? (both from the rising sign, and from the moon) And, do you have planets in either sign?  When these four planets transit over or aspect our own planets there will be many different and myriad effects.   Over the Sun, progress of the soul.  Yes, it can mean the loss of the father, spiritual teacher or government leader, but even that transition creates growth in most of us.  When the personal father transitions, we become the authority figure, we no longer focus on pleasing or living up to the expectations of our father, but progress to leading and guiding others in their progress and growth.  This is just one example. 

You may be reading or hearing a lot of gloom and doom and grim predictions.  It is very important to realize that this just may not be as dark as portrayed by some.  Keep in mind, that although all 4 major malefic (bad) planets, Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu are transiting and aspecting each other by opposition, that their DISPOSITORS are both benefics! Mercury and Jupiter. This week Mercury will be transiting in Gemini joining this group (and Pluto will be in Sagittarius for a long while) so we will see in the mundane world a lot of dramatic change. We may see the passing of many loved ones, and of course the celebrities we will know in the news. Politics will go back and forth in extremes as Mercury is currently a player. this will let up when Mercury moves to Cancer on June 20th. But we can expect a wild ride emotionally and with weather extremes until then.

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